Elaine Mata Jones is a singer, songwriter and comedic actress seen and heard throughout Eurasia on stage, radio, theatre and TV. 

Born and raised in Boston MA, she traveled as a young adult to Florence Italy to participate in the Firenze Lyrica Studio; a workshop for aspiring young opera singers.

Her plan was to stay for six weeks… 27 years later she was still there. 

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Club Cafe Event 3/21/23 7pm
Cabaret Show Promotional Video

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 7-8pm (Dinner seating starts at 5:30pm)
Cabaret Show “Tales Of A Modern Day Minstrel”
Josephine’s in the Napoleon Room, Club Cafe 617-536-0966
209 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116

Through songs and stories, Elaine Mata Jones’ show is a recounting of her adventures as a performing artist while singing, living, loving, and laughing in Florence, Italy.

EMJ – More Than Just A Singer